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Islands In Andaman

Ross Island

The small island with its treasure of ruins in it become the hot tourists spot in the territory. While visiting to this island, we desire to know more and more about Ross Island. Before the independence, the island is the seat of British power and capital of these Andaman Islands from 1858 until 1941 and also the base for the British Administrator of the penal colony in Port Blair In 1941, the Japanese converted the site into POW camp, and built war installations, remnants of which can still be seen. It now stands as a ruin of the bygone days with the old structure almost in debris and the few signs of its colonial glory, such as the Chief Commissioner's house and the Anglican church, are dilapidated and overgrown. A small museum named 'Smritika' holds photographs and the other antiques of the Britishers relevant to these islands.

North Bay (Coral Island)

North Bay (Coral Island) is accessable from Port Blair via ferry. The treasures of these coral islands are unforgettable. As the underwater world comes alive, one forgets that there is a less perfect world outside. A peek into this magic land leaves one in a daze for the rest of the day. Coral island with white sand beaches and surrounded by the pristine beauty of Nature. The sea has gifted this island with all the splendor to attract any sea loving human. The Coral reefs, though damaged, are gorgeously decorated by nature to stun the visitor. The exquisite marine life and aquatic ecology offer some of the best snorkeling site for visitors.

Viper Island

Viper Island a small serene, beautiful island and witnessed the untold sufferings of the freedom fighters had to undergo. Dangerous convicts found guilty of violating the rules of the Penal Settlement, were put in fetters and were forced to work with their fetters on in this island. The jail in this island called Viper Chain Gang Jail, where prisoners deported from the mainland during British Regime. The Britishers used to harbour convicts here. The first jail was constructed here which was abandoned after the construction of Cellular Jail. It has a gallows atop a hillock, where condemned prisoners were hanged. Sher Ali, who killed Lord Mayo, the Viceroy of India in 1872, was also hanged here. The island derives its name from the vessel ‘Viper’ in which Lt. Archibald Blair came to the islands in 1768 with the purpose of establishing a Penal Settlement. The vessel, it is believed, met with an accident and its wreckage was abandoned near the island.

Baratang Island

It is around 120 Kms far from Port Blair. This island is rich with golden beaches, volcano & caves. The roadways journey for Baratang island is passing through beautiful jungle and connected with vehicle ferries. Lime Stone cave is around 8 Kms from Baratang Jetty via boats. This natural growing caves are made up of lime stone surrounding beautiful green forest. The boat passes through beautiful creek full of mangroves, it is great life time experience for tourists.The active Mud Volcano(found only in Andamans in the country) on the way is also a terrific sight for the tourists. This volcano is active through out the year.Baratang holds the natures best treasures gifted to these islands.

Havelock Island

An independent Island which is around 38 Kms from Port Blair, that's provides idyllic resort in the lap of virgin beach and unpolluted environment. The Radha Nagar Beach is one of the popular beach of these island and also recorded the seventh among the best beach in Asia. The Camping facility also available near to the RadhaNagar Beach and at the western tip of the island the dolphins and turtles can be spotted from the long stretches of white sand.

Jollybuoy Island

An island in in the group of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, covered with dense forests, exotic flowers & birds and coastline with bright sandy beach. It is a perfect place for snorkeling, sea bathing and basking on the sun kissed beach. Jolly buoy Island offers an amazing view of underwater coral and marine life. Glass bottom boats help to take a closer look at the coral colonies. One can visit to this island by ferry with a permission from the Department of Forest and Environment.

Redskin Island

Another island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park similar to jollybuoy Island which offers white Sandy beach and spectacular view of corals, colourful fishes and other marine life. It is an ideal place for snorkeling , sea bathing and basking on the sun kissed beach. The ferry is operating to visit this island and a permission required from the Department of Forest & Environment.

Beaches In Andaman Island

Corbyn's Cove Beach

Corbyn's Cove is a serene and one of the most picturesque unspoiled soft sandy beach just 7 Km far from the city. This beach is set in picturesque backgrounds of lush green coconut palms and pleasant sea. This beach is an ideal spot for swimming, sun basking and sea bathing. The pill boxes and bunkers established by Japanese add the attraction of the beach.

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu or Bird Island is a tiny village on the southernmost tip of South Andaman, about 25km from Port Blair. Its lush green mangroves and sandy beaches makea picturesque site.The forest guest house situated on the top of a hillock provides a fabulous view of islolated islands, submerged corals and the breath-taking sunset.

Wandoor Beach

The wandoor is a famous spot for its wide sandy beach. The beach is ideal destination for swimming, sun basking and sea bathing. One can also enjoy the speed boat ride and snorkeling at this beach. There is also option for a leisure walk at the jungle near to the beach.

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island is an real exposures of unpolluted nature for an environment lover. The Radhanagar Beach is one among the best beaches in Asia. The beach is around 7 Km from Havelock harbour and ideal for swimming and other marine activities.

Monument & Museums In Andaman

Cellular Jail (The National Memorial)

Located at Port Blair, stood mute witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this Jail. The Jail, completed in the year 1906 acquired the name, 'cellular' because it is entirely made up of individual cells for the solitary confinement of the prisoners. It originally was a seven pronged, puce-colored building with central tower acting as its fulcrum and a massive structure comprising honeycomb like corridors. The building was subsequently damaged and presently three out of the seven prongs are intact. The Jail, now is a place of pilgrimage for all freedom loving people, has been declared as a National Memorial.The penal settlement established in Andaman by the British after the First War of Independence in 1857 was the beginning of the agonizing story of freedom fighters in the massive and awful jails at Viper Island followed by the Cellular Jail. The patriots who raised their voice against the British Raj were sent to this Jail, where many perished.


During the British Rule convicts found guilty of violating the rules of the Penal Settlement, were put in fetters and were forced to work with their fetters on in this island. Freedom fighters like Nanigopal and Nandlal Pulindas, who had resorted to hunger strike at the Cellular Jail, were imprisoned at Viper Island. The jail at Viper, where prisoners deported from the mainland were confined, was built by the British under the supervision of Major Fort. Work on the prison was started in 1867. Owing to the working conditions, the jail earned the notorious name Viper Chain Gang Jail. Gallows built on top of a hillock, visible to all prisoners in the island, signified death.

Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum at Port Blair presents culture of Andaman Tribes. It was started in 1975-1976, the museum is an ethnographic museum. It illustrates the four Negrito Tribes of the Andamans, viz.., the Jarawas, Sentinelese, Great Andamanese and the Onges and two Mongoloid tribes of the Nicobar viz the Nicobarese and the Shompens. One can view the tools and model of weapons used by the Andaman and Nicobar islands and also encloses many photographs of different tribes and aborigines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum)

The museum has a good collection of shells & Corals found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is runned by the Indian Navy and is located near Andaman Teal House at Port Blair. This museum is aimed at generating awareness among the visitor about the environment in the ocean and the marine life. The Samudrika Marine Museum has five sections dealing with history of Andaman Islands, Geographical information, people of Andaman, Archeology and finally the Marine life.

Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill is one of the oldest and the largest in Asia. The Mill is situated in a small Island call Chatham connected to Port Blair by a bridge. It. The mill was built by the British in 1836. The mill cuts massive wood into different sizes and shapes of timber and is functioning as the main source of timber for government and private agencies at a moderate price. This mill processes many types of ornamental wood suitable for making furniture and handicraft.

Forest Museum

Forest museum maintained by Dept. of Forst & Environment offers an insight into forest activities through scale models and displays decorative pieces made of famous woods like Padauk, Marble, Peauma, Gurjan, Satin Wood, etc. The museum very typical in its contents displays the artifacts made out of timber. The Museum helps the visitor to get some insight in the forestry and related activities. One can see many attractive models in timber showcased here.

Fisheries Museum (Aquarium)

Fisheries Museum (Aquarium) is located at Port Blair City Centre near Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. This museum is an ideal place to visit for the tourists who are interested in marine life which displays the various species of marine life found in the Bay of Bengal and the Indo-Pacific Ocean. These varieties of marine life are exclusive to the Andaman Islands includes sharks, live corals, starfish and polyps, etc.

Other Tourist Point In Andaman

Mount Harriet National Park

Mount Harriet is the height point in South Andaman stands at a height of 365. Mount Harriet in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is located at such an altitude that it provides a fascinating view of the entire cluster of islands.. During the British rule in India, Mount Harriet was the summer headquarters for the Chief Commissioner. At Mount Harriet, the National Park, the one can spend time by taking a wildlife tour. The major attraction for tourists visiting Mount Harriet is the natural trek up to Madhuban. Along the trek, the tourist can feast their eyes with the sights of the various birds, animals and butterflies that are found in this region. The walk along the natural trail is one of the most exotic experiences for any traveler coming to tour the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is formerly called as Andaman Water Sports Complex is a renowned sports complex in Andaman Islands offering many adventurous water sports activities with comfortable, safe and enjoyable experiences like water scooters, rowing boats, kayaks, paddle boats, etc. Outboard boats make this complex dynamic afternoon and the boating up to Ross Islands from this complex is really an exciting experience.

A marvelous monument, built to honor the historical fight Battle of Aberdeen, add to the beauty of this region. A children park nearby is a place for children to enjoy the serene environment. At this complex all kinds of safety measures are taken so as to avoid unprecedented mishaps and all the water-sporting events are precisely monitored by cautious eyes of the elite professionals.

Gandhi Park

This beautiful park at Port Blair having the facilities like amusement rides, safe water sports, nature trail around the lake, garden, restaurant and historic remains like Japanese Temple as well as a bunker.

Marina Park

Marina Park is a prime attraction in Andaman located in the seashore close proximity to Water Sports Complex. The local inhabitants and the visiting tourists use this park for spending their evenings by enjoying the nature’s gifts of pristine beauty. The New Amusement Park, Children Park and Children Traffic park also there in Marina Park Complex.

Shopping At Andaman Islands

The main shopping and commercial centre at Port Blair is Aberdeen. While shopping at Andaman Islands you will find Multi hue corals, seashell souvenir and other Handicraft products mostly made from Wood, Jute, Bamboos, corals, sea shells, etc which are the speciality of the islands. The Sagarika Emporium/ Cottage Industry is the best point of shopping. The local Shops also have good collect of Shells and Handicrafts with various size. The main shopping products are in Andaman Islands are Shell jewellery like earrings, bracelets, pearl jewellery and artifacts, Palm mats, Coconut shell lamp-shed and Woodcrafts like walking sticks, bowls and trays, ashtrays, Bamboo cane craft, Nicobaree Mats and furniture made of local Padauk wood.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park comprises of about 12 islands and is located about 30 km southwest of Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and are also the home to India's best marine parks. Most of the islands in the park are densely forested; the open spaces are covered with scrub and creepers. A casual glance around and one can spot brilliant tropical flowers including orchids, broken branches and fallen leaves spread over the jungle pathways. One can also hear the bird calls, but unless in the open, it is difficult to spot the terns, gulls, ospreys, serpent crested eagles, wood pigeons and of course the swifts. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a grandeur tourist attraction in Andaman. This is a fantastic National Park for Marine life in Andaman and is unique all over the world. The red skin Island and Jolly Buoy Island is a famous part of this National Park. These islands are best and famous location for snorkeling and scuba diving in Andaman Islands. One can get a close look of underwater marine life in the beaches of this National Park, including corals and sea weeds.